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 MAKS 2021 - International Aviation and Space Salon. The world's largest air show MAKS is held every two years in LII im.M.M.Gromova, in the town of Zhukovsky near Moscow.

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  Summer air show "Le Bourget, 21 to 27 June 2021".

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The company ESTEXPO OU was created to supply spare parts for aviation repair companies. We are the command of qualified specialists, who are specialized in the repair, manufactory and exploitation of aviation technique. All the employees of our company have aviation engineering specializations and great experience in their specialization, all employees are perfectly aware of all equipment manufactured in United States of America, Europe, and Russia. Our employees constantly improves their knowledges in aviation by taking different courses powered by specialists from construction burros and manufactories of aviation techniques. The quality of production supplied by our company corresponds to world standards. We are cooperating only with leading manufactories of aviation technique in USA, Europe and Russia and certified aviation
companies representing its production on the markets of USA, Europe and Russia.
The main rule of work of ESTEXPO OU is and will be the high quality of supplied production and its rapid supply to the buyer. Such results are reached by correctly organized management, highly qualified personnel and also by having atomized storages and modern computer centre. We are inviting for cooperation all interested persons and hope that You will find in our company a reliable partner.


  Our partners:

  United States of America, Poland, Russia, Canada, Czech, Ukraine, Chili, Bulgaria, Belorussia, Perry, Romania, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Montenegro,
Mongolia, Brazil, Italy, Australia.

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